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The forms here have been provided in three formats: Adobe PDF, Word Perfect and Microsoft Word. The PDF version will provide a quick view of the document. The Word Perfect and Microsoft Word versions are provided to permit downloading in either program. To download the files below to your own computer, right-click the link of the file you would like to have and select "Save Target As..."

CAVEAT: As of January 1, 2007, the numbers for the various Rules of Court cited in these sample forms have changed, but the samples may have not been updated. Therefore, you should check the Rules of Court to update the numbers for your individual pleadings.

Administrative Office of the Courts (AOC) and Appellate Project Information Sheet
(PDF Version) 
This is a fillable information sheet that all new panel attorneys must submit to the AOC and the projects. It is also for use by existing panel attorneys to inform the AOC and the projects of a change in the attorney's address.

Application for Inclusion on the Indigent Defense Panel for the Court of Appeal, Second Appellate District
(PDF Version)  (WPD Version)  (DOC Version)
Any attorney seeking to be included on the panel of attorneys taking appointments from the Second District Court of Appeal should complete this form and return it to CAP-LA.

Application for Direct Deposit For Court Appointed Counsel Program
(PDF Version)  (DOC Version)
Application for the Direct Deposit Program.

Application for Extension of Time
(PDF Version)  (WPD Version)  (DOC Version)
Any requests for extension of time from the court should use this form.

Augmentation Order
(PDF Version)  (WPD Version)  (DOC Version)
Any augmentation requests should include an order on this form.

Use of Previous Briefing Form
(PDF Version)  (WPD Version)  (DOC Version)
This is the form for the compensation claim attachment to explain use of "recycled" materials.

Spanish Translation of an In Forma Pauperis Affidavit
(PDF Version)  (WPD Version)  (DOC Version)
This is a translation of the affidavit that is posted in English on the United States Supreme Court's website for use by pro. pers.

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